The modern world is a global village and this is thanks to the internet above all else. Markets have been made available that would hitherto have been hidden – and the field is rife with potential for success.
Small and large companies alike are vying for pole position in attempting to capture the imagination of the huge international markets. Such demographics have enormous spending power as is evidenced by the success of firms such as Ebay and Amazon. With costs kept so low compared to more conventional brick and mortar businesses, there is little wonder as to why so many companies have ‘gone online’.
Competition is tough however – everyone wants a slice of the advertising potential of the internet. Markets can be powerful yet fickle and attempts to capitalise on these new areas can be fraught with danger for the inexperienced. Great emphasis is now placed on the visible branding of a company.                                                                   Author - 'Danny Wirken'
The world has moved from Ignorance &  Turmoil to  Information &  Technology. The fluffy bubble has blown-off, throwing-off every incompetent IT company that was heading ahead with fleeting ambitions.
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